Ealing Schools Counselling Partnership

My name is Violeta Camerero and I am the Counselling Services Manager from the Ealing Schools Counselling Partnership.  My role is to provide emotional support to parents/carers and children at Mayfield Primary School.


Ealing Schools Counselling Partnership: a space to talk.

Most of you already know about ESCP and the services they offer to Mayfield. However, we would like to introduce it to the new parents and send this reminder to you all in case anything has changed at home.

Violeta Camarero is our Therapeutic Lead in schools, and she is here to support your child(ren), you and also our staff:


The Space is every Wednesday, Violeta offers a lunchtime drop-in for children who want to talk about any feelings or worries they may be struggling with. This is a safe, confidential space where children can feel listened to in order to feel better or to better understand their emotions. If you would NOT like your child to make use of this service, please notify the school as soon as possible. 1:1 counselling: We have two other therapists who works with specific children who may benefit from more regular support, using therapeutic play and the creative arts.


Every Wednesday normally at 9-10am, Violeta holds a safe and confidential space to meet with parents/carers who would like some support. She is here to help you to either think through some of your concerns with one of your children, or to support you with a personal struggle, such as grief or loss, for example.

If you would like to make an appointment to speak to Violeta, please either email her at or call/text her on 07368365723. Depending on circumstances, other times of the day can be arranged.

Coffee Mornings: Violeta will be holding a Coffee Morning every term, for any parents who wish to attend. Topics will be covered that will help you support your child(ren)'s healthy emotional development and well-being.

We will send you the next date soon.



Violeta is also here to support all our staff, whether through trainings or by helping them think about specific children who may need a little extra help.